Change is more than an option; it has become a necessity. The key to a successful digital transformation is the ability to translate technology to the human measure & connection.

White Worth Assets is a holding company encompassing multiple entities covering all aspects of transformation in today’s financial industry.

Effectively, we’re an end-to-end partner for those who want to excel in an ever-changing environment. We shape businesses today to meet and exceed the challenges of tomorrow.

One plus one equals three

Industry sectors



Working from farm to fork; whether its fresh ready meals, shampoo, milk or tins of beans, FMCG was the launch pad for Pollen and is a sector we know and love. Our experience, insights and track record continue to grow as do our accolades in this fast pace environment.



Applying lean thinking keeps manufacturing local. Our goal is to ensure our customers stay ahead of not only the local market but the global market as well.



Networks are complex, both locally and internationally and we love a challenge to think differently. In a post Covid era, this pushes us to truly work end to end in our supply chains.

What sets us apart

Our cornerstones

Group Dynamics

One plus one equals three. That’s why we bring together innovative thinkers and tech-savvy doers in complementary partnerships. From talent to expert. From knowledge to innovation.

Pragmatic Approach

We believe that pragmatism is the key to getting things done. We make a difference by rolling up our sleeves, going beyond the buzzwords and doing the actual work.

Future Forward

Our deep domain expertise and continuous learning environment is what makes us thrive. This allows us to push the boundaries of digital-enabled innovation.

Beyond Business

Transformation is never solely about tools and technology, it’s also about mindset. We’re constantly striving to create an environment that allows organisations and people to grow.

Numbers don’t lie

White Worth Assets today

Financial industry clients across Europe and worldwide
Offices in Hong Kong, Moscow, Germany and Dubai
Million euro annual revenue


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